COVID-19 became a lesson for everyone in many ways. And one of the lessons was related to the importance of living space. The working professionals realized the value of owning a spacious home. And business owners came to know the importance of a great commercial space in Ahmedabad. With the decrease in footfall in shops that are in a poor locations, owners are either shifting to online business or new locations. And this pandemic has become the best time to buy an office in Ahmedabad. Commercial space prices are at a standstill and builders are willing to gain even a small amount of profit on their developed property. Moreover, the government is also uplifting the real estate industry through different regulations and schemes.

People aged over 35 are now looking for independent business opportunities to earn more than just from jobs. And people who are already an owner of homes are looking for commercial office spaces in Ahmedabad. Through this move, the upwardly mobile class of people will attain more profits to buy more profits.

This sudden move of investment to buy office in Ahmedabad is also because of the volatility of the market. Other assets like stocks and gold are unpredictable in this pandemic time. And paying EMI for commercial space in Ahmedabad is more beneficial than ever. This not only gives you profit by rent but gives ownership of land as well. Moreover, half of the Indian professionals are working from home now, which saves their daily commune costs, turning those savings into an investment opportunity. And real estate is the best value of money investment right now because of its attractive tax benefits.

The government also reduced stamp duty prices to 2% only and there are speculations that this price will stay at 3% from March 2021 onwards. Earlier, the same stamp duty price was 5% in major cities, but this reduction will further boost the buying of commercial office spaces in Ahmedabad. And to add a cherry on top, real estate builders are offering low booking amounts with No GST option, or referral scheme and to name a few. These kinds of tactics are attracting more commercial property buyers in Ahmedabad.

With this, Swati Procon is also entering the commercial space with its’ two upcoming projects named Swati Trinity – a pocket-friendly office and retail shop located at Shela. And Swati Crimson – a premium showroom and office spaces n Ahmedabad located 2 minutes away from Sindhu Bhavan Road, Ahmedabad. If you are also searching for a commercial space in Ahmedabad to buy at a competitive price, then Swati Procon can help you with that. To know more about different properties, get in touch with us.

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