If you are obsessed with home interiors and home designs, then you might definitely have seen some old trends and designs that are back in demand. The past trends and interior designs were mainly focused on uniformity, lack of personal expression, neutral color palettes, and clean lines. Trends that peaked in the 70s and 80s are now in demand again, hence experiencing a major revival in today’s homes. Don’t be afraid to do something different when it comes to the reinvention or designing of your home. You can give a luxury and elegant touch to your 3/4 BHK flats by embracing “old-fashioned” interior designs. If you are looking for 3/4 BHK flats in Ahmedabad with elegant furniture and interior design, then you can get in touch with Swati Procon. If you also are looking to upgrade your home interior and recently bought 3/4 flats, then this blog can be beneficial for you.

The Comeback of Retro Design Trends in Modern Interior Decor

Black metal frames and Ball lampshades:

Black metal frames with foldable pipes are back in a trend that was getting used in the 70s and 80s. You can embrace the look and overall feel of your house by just hanging black metal frames into your home, dining hall and drawing room. Furthermore; you can also use this on tables, chairs, and storage units. This will add a modern aesthetic look to your 4 BHK flats in Ahmedabad. We have all probably seen several kinds of lampshade balls, whether they are in rice paper, glass or yarn. We may have also attempted to decorate our homes by making handmade lamps and lampshade balls, which are simple to make and add an elegant touch to your home’s décor.

Wood paneling:

Wall paneling is an excellent way to add a lot of impactful style and texture to a plain room while also concealing the imperfections of your house wall. Traditionally, wall panels were used in 70s and 80s home interior designs between stone walls and the room. If you are looking for 4 BHK flats and office spaces in Ahmedabad, then you can keep this in mind for consideration as it can offer an aesthetic look to your home and office. Decorative wood paneling can be incredibly versatile, timeless, and refined. Therefore; wall paneling is now popular and considered a favorite way of transforming the home. 

Glass block and patterned tiles:

glass block has been used as windows in the 70s and 80s, but now it is back in style as people are considering glass block rather than wood windows. You can also replace your basement and cellar windows with glass block windows. If you live in 3/4 bhk flats in Ahmedabad, then you must go for glass blocking as it is strong, soundproof and energy efficient at the same time. You might have seen a kitchen with luxury amenities, but the lovely patterned Moroccan tiles remind us of the 70s and 80s. You can also use this idea to give an aesthetic and elegant touch to your home. 

Bold wallpaper, fringes, and tassels:

fringes and tassels, once known as the signature hallmarks of the bohemian era, are back again. You can use wall hangings and plant holders, frilled pillowcases and cushion cover as well. This will enable you to add pretty accents to your home that are seeing a fresh revival of interest. You can use a bold choice of wallpaper such as leaf prints, graphic designs, effusive florals, and so on. There are many 4/5 BHK real estate builders who are adding this element in their interior design just to strategically focus on the space. 

Hanging chairs and paisley prints:

checkered and plaid patterns, as well as soft and flowing paisley patterns, were the most popular in the 70s and 80s. This is again in trend now and is being considered by many famous interior designers in Ahmedabad. Hanging chairs always remind us of our childhood. No doubt, hanging chairs in the 90s and 80s were basic, but they are now available in various colours and designs. You can use this in your 4 BHK flat interior to give an elegant and beautiful touch to your balcony and garden area. If you are looking for fully furnished 3/4 BHK flats in Ahmedabad, then connect with us today. 

If you want to buy a flat in Ahmedabad, you can get in touch with us to know about our latest offerings and layout plans. 


Latest upcoming 4 BHK flats with penthouse project of Swati Procon

If you want to buy a flat in Ahmedabad, check out the latest offerings from Swati Procon.

Swati Symphony: Our upcoming luxurious 4 BHK flats and a penthouse in Ahmedabad. Swati Symphony is crafted with luxury German CP fittings, Italian marble flooring, VRV Air Conditioning, privacy with a personal lift and personal foyer, and a keyless entry. 

Ready to move flats & commercial office space of Swati Procon?

Swati Crimson: The 4 BHK luxury flats are designed to offer an excellent combination of comfort and convenience. The centrally air-conditioned apartments are equipped with all modern amenities.

Swati Clover: Swati Clover is the perfect commercial office space in Ahmedabad for you. This project consists of commercial spaces that are designed to boost your business. Its excellent architectural features, conference room, cafeteria, and activity lounge make it a preferred destination for all types of businesses.

Swati Chrysantha: These modern 3 BHK apartments offer some of the finest amenities and facilities for residential and retail spaces.

No matter what your requirement is, Swati Procon has a project that meets your requirements. Buy a flat in Ahmedabad and relish the modern amenities offered by our projects.

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