Swati 18

Premium Offices & High-end Showrooms
S.G. H'way, Nxt. Palladium Mall

At Swati 18, the meaning of number 18 is beyond mere measurement to become a defining symbol of our ethos. As our 18th milestone, this monument not only boasts 18 elevators and ascends 18 floors but also embodies the culmination of our dedication to crafting spaces that inspire and empower.


Each floor, each lift, and each of the 18 reasons of success are meticulously reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Swati 18 is not just constructed; it is carefully curated to enrich every interaction within its spaces, enabling you to achieve the growth and success that you truly deserve.

RERA Number:


1222 Sq. Ft. SBU - 635 Sq. Ft. CAR


2247 Sq. Ft. SBU - 1169 Sq. Ft. CAR



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1222 Sq. Ft. SBU - 635 Sq. Ft. CAR