The recent slump in the sale of commercial space in Ahmedabadis pushing real estate companies towards residential properties. With IT companies and other related companies adopting the WFH culture, office properties in Ahmedabad are experiencing a huge loss.

COVID-19 imposed a major shift on the world’s economy. This change called for the way we perceive daily spaces. People are looking for safe and hygienic living and working places. And the same goes for commercial space in Ahmedabad.

Now is the time to bring a change in the structure and amenities of office spaces to attract office buyers. And facility management will play a huge role in reviving the sale of it. With a focus on the well-being of office workers, the real estate sector of India will need to enlist proficient office supervisors to drive safety activities.

Facility management is more likely to be a key in the long haul. With changing attitudes of buyers, FM will bring a cultural change in the safe working spaces. Quality, talent development, technology, and analytics will be at the center of measuring the feasibility of commercial space in Ahmedabad and other states.

The current challenge with the resuscitation of the Realty Sector Of India is cost-cutting. Due to last year’s loss, enterprises, even real estate developers are cutting corners to meet the required quality of construction. And one of those costs is facility management. But it’s for a short period of time. Enterprises will soon realize the importance of a close-knit working community to build better businesses. And at that time, commercial space in Ahmedabad will have to add proper facility management service as a part of property management and amenity.

Other benefits of facility management include improved productivity of employees, a healthy office environment, and more employee satisfaction. But proper space planning and safety measures come with consistent analysis of results. An entrepreneur never wants their employees to feel cushy and lazy towards work. That’s why managing a commercial space in Ahmedabad should be an active job.

Lastly, facility management helps mane an appropriate arrangement to understand other cost-cutting zones. After an intensive examination, the FM team can tell how actual procedures can help a commercial space in Ahmedabad be cost-effective.

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