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In order to build tomorrow you must start 'yesterday'.
Tomorrow isn't built in a day, it takes years.

  • About Swati Procon

    Our journey began in 1990 when our founder Mr. Ashok R. Agrawal realized that our city needed good quality homes and office spaces people could live and work in for a lifetime.

    Every family, every business has a 'tomorrow' and everyone deserves a chance at a bright secure tomorrow. Swati Procon is that chance. Mr. Agrawal decided to make spaces that could help people achieve a better tomorrow. A keen mind for design and a meticulous eye for quality saw him through; and what was once a slow, humble beginning has today become an exemplary story of successes.

    Every Swati project is planned and designed through the eyes of its end user. In other words you are our designer and you are our architect. It is, after all, your future we are designing. From the basics to modern amenities every Swati project is complete in its own right. But every completed project is also a work in progress because it lays the foundation for our next project. With each new project we try to outdo ourselves. We evolve, improve and change.

    So while we're taking care of everyone else's future, who takes care of ours? Mr. Ashok Agrawal's son - Saket Agrawal. Mr. Saket Agrawal has done B.Sc. (Hons.) in Construction Management from University of Glamorgan. His induction into Swati Procon marked the beginning of a new age at Swati.

    He has added a new dimension and a fresh perspective to our founder's vision. Each project is built on the foundation of Mr. Ashok Agrawal's steadfast insights and experience and carried forward with new ideas and solutions that Saket brings to the table. His infectious passion and enthusiasm and Mr. Ashok Agrawal's astute wisdom and business sense are what make Swati what it is today: the maker of Ahmedabad's tomorrow.

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